Escape your low back pain... get the undisturbed sleep you deserve

Want a pain free night of sleep?

Too often, back pain is treated where the pain hurts - at the back.

Unfortunately, treating the back won't make you better!

You need to attack the cause of your pain.

If you want your back to:

*not hurt at night

*not wake you up when you roll over in bed

*not make it hard to stand in the morning

Then you need to:

*address your posture and ergonomics

*nourish angry tissue

*increase your flexibility

*strengthen your hips and core

You need to make changes where it matters the most!

Again, your low back is typically not the cause of pain

The reason your back hasn't gotten better yet is because the source hasn't been fixed

The majority of the time, low back pain that occurs at night is a result of:

*mobility issues at your hips and mid back

*strength issues at your hips and stomach

You should not have back pain at night or in the morning

You should not be worried about pain keeping you up at night

You should not be fearful of getting out of bed in the morning

Take our low back pain course and start enjoing pain free nights and mornings!

Here are the course highlights:


Enjoy videos that provide easy to follow guidance to solve your back pain at night

Movement Insights

Unparalleled biomechanics knowledge gives you access to the best possible back pain fix

Flexibility & Strength

Move your body better by following instructional videos and PDFs

Rescue Strategies

Quick fix strategies to alleviate pain at night and before getting up in the morning

We understand how it feels to struggle with low back pain at night

Dr. Dan Benson broke his back skiing, and had many tough nights with back pain

And that's why we've created this course for you - we know it's possible to have restful sleep despite having a history of low back pain

As biomechanics experts and physical therapists, we have helped thousands of individuals recover from their injuries

Your low back pain recovery is possible

Get instant access to the most important stretch to help your back at night!

Checkout this free PDF to get the #1 stretch most people need to eliminate low back pain at night.

Dan Benson, DPT  //  Doctor of Physical Therapy

Having personally dealt with a compression fracture in my mid back (ski accident), I know what it takes to get over back pain.  And, as the owner of Forefront Physical Therapy in Seattle, I have had the opportunity to help countless individuals get over their back pain, cancel back surgeries, and return to the activities they love.

Our team at Injury Recovery Made Easy is passionate about getting you over your injury and we will update our courses as needed to help you have a successful recovery.  We are honored to be your guide during this life changing experience.

Daniel H Benson

The Best Time to Start Getting Pain Relief is Now!

It's time to take control of your pain, to sleep through the night, to wake up in the morning without worry, and to get back to the activities you love.  

Start the Low Back Pain Recovery course now!

Low Back Pain Recovery Course

This course is for you if you need to eliminate low back pain at night!

The Injury Recovery Made Easy Guarantee

You are protected by our Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get at least 50% better, and if you have completed the course module and have consistently worked on the recovery program for 6 months, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund covering the Basic online course cost.

Daniel H Benson